The All New HTC One is a Metalhead, coming this March 25

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Metalhead-HTC All-New-One

The All New HTC One is arriving very soon and after @evleaks’ post and us learning that a silver version will be ready for AT&T, we see a second teaser video from HTC.

The new slogan is “Metalhead” which gives us an idea that the smartphone will have metal casing, an aluminium unibody chassis perhaps? I hope this marketing gimmick works for the company and sells millions of The All New One smartphone to give hope to HTC.

We can expect HTC to unveil the phone this coming March 25. We’ll see then what the Metalhead All New One phone is all about. But based on the video, we know it’s a smartphone designed by ‘really really smart people’ and that it’s [beep] and [blurred].  and . Watch the video below to find out:

Honestly, I find the teaser video weird and funny. I don’t like the beeps and the blurred photos. HTC might as well not show us the video if it will edit out the descriptions. I don’t wanna be disappointed by HTC but we’ll see.

The ‘Metalhead’ reference got me imagining a kick-ass metal HTC One that can stand the test of time.

< Source: PhoneArena >

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