New Nokia Windows Phone to be shown off next month

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Over at the Mobile World Congress, we saw Nokia unveiling the Nokia X Android smartphone. It’s the first Android-phone from the Finnish phone manufacturer. This month started with information that Nokia is working on a new Windows Phone which is initially codenamed as “Martini”.

It was leaked but we can’t help but think the phone is for real. The Microsoft’s //Build/ developer conference is happening soon and we’re expecting new Windows Phone devices to be announced, as well as, the new Windows Phone 8.1. We have no idea if it will be a low-end, midrange, or high-end Windows Phone smartphone but the name Martini sounds tempting.

Aside from the Nokia phone, more Windows Phone devices are expected to be introduced at the //Build/ developer conference next month. We hope to see the Martini and the rumored Samsung Windows phone called as Huron.

All this information give us an idea that Microsoft and Nokia’s partnership is stronger than ever. The Nokia Devices and Services purchase of Microsoft is about to be completed so the conference’s timing is just right.

< Source: PhoneArena >

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