Kickstarter spotlight of the week: Ring

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Over here at Technology Tell, we love Kickstarter. So when we see a cool tech project, we feel it is our job to share it with you. This week’s Kickstarter project spotlight goes to Ring. This device combines both wearable technology with an Internet of Things aspect. Thus, it’s slated to make a significant impact on users’ daily life.


Basically, Ring is a wearable device that enables gesture control, text transmission, payment, home appliance control and more. You can control your appliances and apps via gestures. And this part is really cool: you can gesture letters based on a specific ring font which will be recognized as texts.


You can also pay your bills with a single gesture. Cha-ching!


Users can also detect incoming alerts via the built-in vibration and LED. As for the gestures themselves, users can customize and edit their chosen gestures via their smartphones and tablets.


You’ve got to admit that’s cool.

Logbar Inc., the company behind Ring, plans on releasing the product in six sizes once the product is funded on April 4, 2014.

Check out the video below for more information:

Be sure to back this project while you have the chance!

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