Latest Oppo Find 7 teaser suggests 50 MP camera is in the cards

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Oppo Find 7Forget Sony’s 20.7 MP rear camera-toting Xperia Z1, Z1s or Z2. And Nokia’s PureView Lumias rocking 41 MP snappers. Oppo may have something up its sleeve to trump everyone in the mobile device making business as far as imaging goes.

Enter the Find 7 phone, packed with a, wait for it, 50 MP cam. That’s right, fifty. Now, the tidbit isn’t 100% verified, as the Find 7 will actually go official on March 19. But Oppo’s rather unorthodox buzz-building campaign leading up to the Beijing announcement has entered a new chapter, thanks to a photo released by, well, the handheld’s creators.

Talk about revealing teasers, eh? The pic, starring a shiny, flashy muscle car in Barcelona (of all places), carries an astounding 8,160 x 6,120 pixels resolution and 9.7 MB size. Crunching up the numbers, that pretty much sets in stone a whopping 50 MP sensor.

And no, Oppo ain’t no attention-seeking troll, as the EXIF data attached to the image reads “Find 7”. Of course, megapixel count is just one of many things that can impact a camera’s overall performance and potential, so don’t count Sony or Nokia out of the battle yet.

What’s clear is this Find 7, which we know will also come with a 2K display, 3 GB RAM and Snapdragon 801 CPU in tow, has the makings of an exceptional high-end Android smartphone. If only Oppo had the resources to roll it out globally and properly advertise it.

Via [Engadget], [Weibo]

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