Samsung Galaxy S5 European pricing revealed: €650 and up contract-free

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Samsung-Galaxy-S5Remember all those rumors about Samsung’s Galaxy S5 possibly costing less than the Galaxy S4 a year ago in anticipation of an imminent GS5 “Prime” release? It’s probably best to file them under unsubstantiated gossip, as pre-order listings in Europe suggest the opposite.

But hey, if you thought things through, you probably already realized there was no way the no-contract S5 would be priced south of €650 on the old continent and $650 stateside. Granted, it’s not the greatest upgrade in the Galaxy S line, yet it’s leaps in bounds ahead of the S4 in certain departments.

Bottom line, it’s worth the €652 charged in Netherlands by Belsimpel, and the €664 Bulgarian retailers will reportedly ask for the “next big thing”. A little harder to explain and deem deserving is S5’s price tag in Germany and Italy, as per local Amazon records.

€699?!? That’s close to $1,000, and a full €100 north of what Sony reckons Xperia Z2 prospective buyers will be willing to cough up. Even worse, Amazon Spain lists Samsung’s Galaxy S5 at €730 ($1,004). Finnish retailer Verkkokaupa’s early estimate is €699.90, and finally Clove UK has the 5.1 incher up for pre-orders at £500 ($834).

Of course, all these numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt, since the GS5 won’t actually ship until April. Then again, you better not dream of seeing the fingerprint sensor-toting, heart rate monitor-boasting Android go for a penny under €640 and $640 respectively. Or else you may end up heartbroken (pun intended).

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