Motrr Galileo brings motion tracking to iPhones, iPods

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Motrr LogoWe all love to either capture and/or share pictures and video. As the one who is frequently behind the lens, it’s rare that I am ever in any shots. Sure, the memories are there, but those who look sometimes think I just wasn’t involved.

There are a number of robotic mounts available for smartphones, but one of the latest combines an excellent app to accompany the hardware. Motrr and Appologics have teamed up to create a 360 degree platform for hands-free photography. Whether you’re a casual or expert user, the Motrr Galileo provides a new way to capture and share moments.

Videography app with galileoNot only does the Galileo mount feature full spinning and remote panning/tilting, but the accompanying Videography app equips the iPhone/iPod with motion tracking. Users can set the mobile device to follow faces or objects and keep them centered in view. With the help of an open browser, all the camera controls and functions are accessible, and people can watch the video feed in full HD.

Instead of being stuck behind the camera, you can actively participate and be caught in the frame with everyone else. Or, if you happen to be camera-shy, set up the Galileo to automatically record video and free up your hands.

The Videography app is available for compatible Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPads. It packs a number of features for previewing, sharing, or automatic sending to cloud storage. The Motrr Galileo in a Bluetooth and 30-pin versions. Visit the Motrr website for full information and compatibility.

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