Logitech announces new Harmony Smart Keyboard

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Logitech LogoWhen it comes to enjoying content on a laptop versus that of a flat-panel TV, the choice is pretty clear; bigger is better. That’s why HDMI connectivity, gaming consoles, and Roku sets are so popular, since we can stream content to the large screen. The only real struggle comes down to being able to control and search content.

Logitech has just announced its new Harmony Smart Keyboard, which features a full-sized wireless keyboard plus touchpad in one. Users can now control streaming media as well as navigate the web from the most comfortable spot in the room, all without having to get up.

Logitech Harmony Smart KeyboardThis Harmony Smart Keyboard is more than just a sleek-looking input device; it’s also your universal remote control.

The included Harmony Hub works with over 225,000 home entertainment devices from more than 5,000 brands. An entire livingroom entertainment system, up to 8 separate devices, can be controlled with the single Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard.

The keyboard works with the Hub to turn keyboard signals into the kind different devices understand, be it IR, WiFi, or Bluetooth. No pointing is needed, so the entire package works just as well with closed cabinets as it does with open ones.

If you’re one who likes the feel of a remote in the hand, the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard works with the Harmony App for smartphones. Your favorite smartphone (which you likely have close by), is now be your universal remote. In fact, each smartphone in the house can be personalized, complete with favorites settings and gesture controls.

Take the clutter and confusion out of your modern entertainment system. The Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard will be available soon this month. Visit Logitech for more information.

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