New source ‘confirms’ LG-made Nexus 6 and Google smartwatch, LG G3 out in June

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Nexus5It looks like once underdog LG is blossoming into a true Android top dog, as the company’s so far fruitful collaboration with Google is set to continue. And progress, as Gizmodo Germany speculates both the forthcoming Nexus 6 handheld and Big G’s first ever smartwatch (which may or may not be branded as a Nexus) will be manufactured by the N4, N5 and G2 makers.

Like the Nexus 5, which was based on the G2, the N6 is said to be a “lightweight” version of the G3. No idea exactly what might that entail, but if early gossip is to be trusted, we can’t see how the G3 could possibly trump the Nexus 6. Maybe it’s a matter of build quality? Screen resolution, camera sensor?

Either way, this mysterious source that allegedly spilled the beans to Gizmodo at last month’s MWC said to expect the LG G3 in June. No timelines are mentioned for the other two gizmos, but odds are they’ll see daylight during the same month too, at Google’s I/O developer-focused conference.

Unless the 64-bit packing, Quad HD screen-toting Nexus 6 will fly solo to San Francisco, leaving the Nexus wearable device to go official in the fall. Also a possibility – the “intel” is bogus, and we’re getting worked up over nothing. Sadly, only time can tell if that’s the case.

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