3D Printing could make customizable Legos a reality

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As if 3D Printing wasn’t already awesome! Now, it has the potential to transform one of my favorite childhood toys (AKA I bought a set last week) into a customizable project replete with possibility. That’s right. Legos are getting the 3D treatment. I think I just teared up a little bit.

While the current toy industry is moving towards apps and other technological devices, Lego is confident it can harness the capabilities of 3D Printing to boost the popularity of [easyazon-link asin=”B00EJOCAYW” locale=”us”]Legos[/easyazon-link]. After all, how does Flappy Bird build any character? We need to get today’s kids back into building!

And who wouldn’t be happy about Lego’s resurgence? Between this and the eventual release of the Simpsons Legos (WOOHOO), my inner child is losing her mind. I might even forgive the multiple times I experienced searing pain as a result of stepping on one of those covert blocks. Darn my inability to watch where I walk!

Here! Have some Lego memes!


And another:


And finally:


Anyways, the company is hoping to utilize 3D Printing to enable customers to create customizable Lego figures.

“3-D printing is a fascinating development and certainly opens up a lot of new avenues,” said John Goodwin, Lego’s CFO. “We are looking very intently at it and monitoring it, looking at what potential opportunities there are for consumers.”

Lego’s chief marketing officer, Mads Nipper, said of 3-D printing: “It could well be that it might be an exciting opportunity to print your own bricks.”

Safe to say I’ll be 3D Printing some crazy Legos.

[Source: Time]

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  • Ken Cummings

    The wife and I have sponsored a grade school in one of the very many LEGO Mindstorm robotics contests. These kids will be big time printers.