Unannounced 2K-resolution Samsung tablet crops up, AMOLED display in tow?

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Samsung-AMOLED-TabletGuess Samsung wasn’t kidding when it announced a future greater emphasis on high-end tablets, as the Galaxy Tab Pros and Note Pro have barely seen daylight and some sort of spin-off is already in the works.

To be fair, this unreleased new slate was likely in the pipeline since late last year, when we first heard word of a Galaxy Tab family member possibly sporting a top-notch Super AMOLED display. But if it didn’t break cover at CES, everyone simply assumed the gossip was bogus.

Well, it looks pretty real to me, based on User Agent Profiles found on Samsung’s mobile website. The strings suggest at least three variants are coming, model numbered SM-T800, SM-T801 and SM-T805, all of which should carry similar features, aside from connectivity options.

One is thus probably a Wi-Fi only version, the second 3G-enabled, and the third adds 4G LTE speeds in the mix. Another relevant tidbit revealed is the display resolution, 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, also known as WQXGA, or in some circles 2K.

We’re definitely dealing with a high-ender here, but it remains to be seen whether Super AMOLED speculation will pan out as well. If it does, expect a quad-core Snapdragon 801 or even 805 chip under the hood, along with 3 or 4 GB RAM.

Confused as to how will Samsung brand and market this in relation to recently revealed GTab and Note Pro models? Glad I’m not alone. But here’s a decent, educated guess for you to ponder: what if the Galaxy Tab 4 series is to include standard, mid-range slates, as well as one or two cutting-edge portable computers, dubbed Tab 4 Pro?

Via [Sam Mobile]

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