Nokia’s next press event set for April 19, Lumia 630, 930 and Martini incoming?

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lumia_630This is probably going to sound a little hasty, but apparently Nokia plans to show off some new hardware less than two months after unveiling the Android-based X line. Specifically, on April 19.

The scoop comes from prominent Twitter leaker @evleaks, so normally we’d take it for granted. However, the insider himself appears unsure of his sources, adding a question mark after the date. Also, a quick check of the calendar puts Nokia’s alleged press event on a… Saturday.

Assuming the Lumia makers are crazy eccentric enough to believe the tech world would tune in for a hardware announcement during the weekend, the prime suspects include the so-called “Moneypenny” handheld, aka the Lumia 630 or 635, plus the mystery Lumia 930 and “Martini”.

Mind you, one or several of these may see daylight earlier, between April 2 and 4, at Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference, where Windows Phone 8.1 should be detailed as well and possibly rolled out commercially.

Of the three, the Lumia 630, along with its dual SIM 635 sibling, is the least enigmatic, as the exact dimensions and parts of its spec sheet have leaked online already. Meanwhile, the Lumia 930 is expected to highly resemble Verizon’s Icon, and the Martini remains by far the greatest puzzle. Basically, we know nothing about it, expect we want it shaken, not stirred.

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