Sprint confirms impending Android 4.4 updates for Galaxy Note 2, S3 and more

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Sprint Samsung KitKatGreat news, Sprint customers, your carrier hasn’t only been expeditious with Android 4.4 KitKat updates for the Galaxy S4/Note 3 duo, but it also plans to give the royal treatment to multiple other Samsung devices in the near future.

How near? The Now Network doesn’t say, although it promises to share “exact timing of these updates at a later date”.

We can always make assumptions based on recent history, hardware specifications and age, all of which suggest the Galaxy S4 mini is probably next in line, starting as early as April. Then there’s the aging but bitching Galaxy Note 2, the young but underwhelming Galaxy Mega, the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and finally the Galaxy S3.

No real shockers to be found on the list, as Samsung also pretty much confirmed these gadgets are due for Android 4.4 bumps sooner or later. But it’s nice to hear further confirmation from a wireless service provider, as oftentimes they can get their wires crossed with manufacturers.

One Samsung gizmo available on Sprint that’s not on the KitKat roster is the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, initially released way back in May 2012 and simply not popular enough to be worth the effort. There’s also the Galaxy S2 smartphone, which is even older (almost three years of age) and thus unlikely to score software support beyond Jelly Bean.

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