Dell Latitude 13 Education Series Laptop introduced, ready for kids’ rough use

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Dell Latitude 13 Education Series Laptop

Dell has finally joined the bandwagon and introduced its own Chromebook laptop offering. But the company’s first Chromebook now has a Windows-version and is targeted for schools: the Latitude 13 Education Series. The laptop is similar to the models under the Latitude series but making this a better choice is that it can withstand the students’ rough use day-to-day. Abuse from children is expected but this Dell laptop is built to last the kids’ carelessness.

This tough education laptop meets the MIL-STD specification of the military. Features include a Corning Gorilla Glass screen, 13.3-inch display, full-sealed chiclet keyboard, hinge to fold back the laptop 180 degrees, spill-resistant keyboard, LED indicator showing internet connectivity, Celeron chip, 2GB to 8GB RAM, your choice of SSD or hybrid drive.

Dell Latitude 13 Education Laptop was designed for the young kids in mind to start them early in technology and use in schools. I’m sure parents will find the $399 price tag more affordable than a more expensive iPad or Android tablet. A non-touch version will also be released in either blue or red.

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