Fresh leak showcases five Nokia Lumia 630 color options

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Nokia Lumia 630Releasing phones, be them smart or dumb, high or low-end, with playfully colored back covers has become a signature move for Nokia, stretching out to its Lumia, Asha and, most recently, X line.

It’s thus no surprise the forthcoming Lumia 630 will rock at least five different paint jobs: classic, classy black, silky smooth white, and snazzy green, orange and yellow. No cyan or magenta? That’s a little unexpected, as the bad boy’s moniker suggests strong family ties with another multi-colored mid-range handheld, the Lumia 620.

Then again, recent reports have the 630, and its dual-SIM 635 kin, pegged as far superior gadgets. For one thing, the 3.8-inch Lumia 620 should look like a midget next to the pair, as they’re said to sport 4.5-inch displays.

The resolution remains an enigma, with certain sources suggesting Nokia could up the ante as much as 720p. Others though think 854 x 480 pixels is the sweet spot here, in order to keep pricing low. Beneath the hood, everyone agrees you’ll find 1 GB RAM, most likely paired with a Snapdragon 400 chip.

But as you can tell from the press shot leaked by @evleaks, the rear-facing camera lacks flash. Not the smartest move ever, albeit all sacrifices have a noble purpose: affordability. Interestingly, a slight design makeover from the Lumia 520, 525, 620 and 625 is easily noticeable, as Lumia 630’s rear looks more similar to the Android-based X, X+ and XL. Is that a good thing? You tell us.

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