T-Mobile Galaxy S5 crosses 300K pre-registrations, still no word on pricing

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samsung-galaxy-s5-backIt looks like T-Mobile badly wants us to think Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has the makings of a tremendous box-office hit, which frankly suggests the exact opposite. The UnCarrier first went on record last week with pre-registration numbers, claiming they hit an outstanding 100,000 in just 48 hours.

Now, a T-Mo employee says the figure stands at 300K, which is no doubt impressive. But is it a marker of actual buying interest, or sheer curiosity? After all, it’s pre-registrations we’re dealing with here, not pre-orders, so no one paid anything yet or offered credit card information.

Instead, the purported 300,000 prospective Galaxy S5 buyers simply gave up their names and e-mail addresses, in order to be informed of updates on pricing and availability. While we’re on the subject, no, we still don’t know much about price tags on US carriers.

But we can make some educated guesses. My money’s on $200 with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint contracts, and $650 – $700 outright, including via T-Mobile. The thing is there was a rumor floating around about the S5 possibly costing less than the S4 at the very beginning, which could be one of the reasons people are signing up on T-Mo’s website.

Another reason – everyone gets a chance to win a Galaxy S5 a day until April 1. So you see, of these 300,000, people actually thinking of scoring a 5.1-inch waterproof, fingerprint sensor-toting smartphone once it starts selling might be… 300,000, or less than 100,000. Heck, they may all be in for the sweepstake prizes.

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