Android 4.4 KitKat update rolls out OTA for HTC Butterfly S

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HTC-Butterfly-SDespite not exactly promoting it very aggressively, or making it available in subsidized flavors stateside, HTC’s Butterfly S was always expected to get a fairly swift Android 4.4 KitKat update. After all, the 5 incher is essentially identical hardware-wise with the HTC One, simply swapping metal for plastic and boosting the high-ender’s footprint.

As such, don’t act surprised the KitKat rollout is underway in Europe for the Butterfly S. Delighted, sure, but not surprised. Reportedly, the goodie pack is knocking on people’s doors automatically, as an OTA (over-the-air) upgrade.

No prompt message received yet, and rebooting your device, as well as activating Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to help either? Then flashing the port on your own is always an option. Worry not, as the firmware is available via XDA, completely safe and stable, the only downside being you need to root first. And, as always, do a data backup.

Be sure to also free up enough storage space, as this thing is quite hefty, at 737 MB. For a good reason though, as it contains numerous performance enhancements, bug fixes, a subtle UI makeover, security improvements, new Bluetooth profiles and Cloud Print Service.

As a quick recap, HTC has so far started and/or completed Butterfly S, One, One max and One mini’s Android 4.4 updating processes. Next in line? Probably the original Butterfly and its Verizon-exclusive Droid DNA variant.

Via [Android Spin]

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