Sony wants to rain on Samsung’s parade, sets early Xperia Z2 launches in key markets

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Galaxy-S5-Xperia-Z2Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which debuted to middling reviews at MWC, Sony’s Xperia Z2 was received with unanimous praise at the exact same event. And there are more than a few voices saying Sony, for once, one-upped Sammy.

But critical reception means nothing if you don’t own the instruments necessary to capitalize on initial buzz off Barcelona’s expo. Specifically, a hefty marketing budget and, most importantly, the resources needed for a quick turnaround time and swift global launch.

Well, guess what, Sony might be preparing a surprise as far as the latter is concerned. Apparently, the Xperia Z2 will be commercially released prior to the Galaxy S5 in South Korea. You know, Samsung’s nest, its lair, its headquarters.

Furthermore, the Z2 is to start shipping via Phones4u UK on April 11, which just happens to be the day the S5 breaks ground in nearly 150 countries, including, of course, Great Britain. Granted, that’s only two markets. Key markets, but only two.

Then again, something tells me the Xperia Z2 makers have a couple extra aces up their sleeve. For instance, don’t be shocked if T-Mobile US gets Z2 stock on April 10. Not earlier, no, on the 10th, to show Samsung Sony isn’t afraid of a second head-to-head duel.

For the record, if you’re planning on scoring the 5.2-inch Android from Phones4u, Pay as you go and SIM-free prices are yet to be announced. With EE pacts, the Z1 is £99 upfront on £43 monthly plans, while on Vodafone it’s free upfront starting for £47 a month. Hefty, but totally worth it.

Via [Phone Arena], [Unwired View]

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  • Mohammed

    Is it confirmed that the z2 is coming to tmobile?

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      No, it’s confirmed yet, but I’m near certain it’s due on T-Mobile by May.

  • Islander

    Great! I have a Sony Z1s from Tmobile, and it rocks! Sony Z2 will make a lot more people happy. Sony is definitely moving on up in the mobile market!

  • Ari Ermawan

    It is good to see Sony retains the Hardware Radio Tuner built-in feature when Samsung quietly takes it out to save space.
    It is also good to see Sony not adopting the dangerous finger-print scanner, as I am one of those who do not want to give away my finger print, knowingly or not knowingly.
    However, it is still important for Sony not to take customer’s enthusiasm for granted by putting high price tag.
    More & more people are no longer prepared to pay too much for a device that will be obsolete relatively quickly, no matter what brand it is.