Monitor calories, physical activity with Healbe GoBe

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When it comes to health and weight loss, setting goals and monitoring progress helps to realize results incrementally. It can be disappointing when one can’t see or feel improvements, so it can take reading the numbers to actually show and prove it to the brain.

GoBeWeight loss, especially, is simply about burning more calories than ingesting. Keeping good records helps greatly, but not all of us have the patience to write everything down.

Each snack, beverage, and meal? It tends to get tedious as the days and weeks pass. There are many fitness trackers out on the market, yet nothing that tracks calories. That is, until now.

GoBe, created by Healbe, is the original 100 percent body manager, worn around the wrist like so many other pieces of wearable tech. What makes GoBe different is that it actually measures your calorie intake. With it, you can track the rise and fall of your calories as you eat and then burn it off through physical activity.

GoBe app calorieThis device works by measuring body movement and glucose levels in your cells, through your skin. Sensors also measure heart rate, blood flow, and fluid levels in the tissue, which are compiled by the algorithm.

All the data is sent straight to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and then displayed meaningfully.

Calories, hydration, sleep phases, and stress are all major factors when it concerns health and wellbeing. The GoBe keeps track of this information all without any user input. There’s no guessing, no scanning barcodes or photographing food, and no number crunching.

Unveiled at CES 2014, the Healbe GoBe is now funding on Indiegogo. What does it matter that your fitness tracker monitored how you biked to work, walked up 10 flights of stairs, and jogged for 20 minutes, if you’re unsure you can afford the calories for a beer at the end of the day? Take the guesswork out and just GoBe.

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  • kodemunkey

    For anybody thinking about buying a GoBe, strongly consider something else. I am one of the original Indigogo backers for the GoBe project and I am utterly disgusted with the entire campaign. The communication from HealBe throughout the campaign has been atrocious, the customer service non-existent, and the actual GoBe..well, at this point it’s non-existent too. My suggestion, buy a good health/fitness tracker like FitBit or Jawbone and pair the device with your smartphone…you’ll save yourself the headache and frustration you would experience with the GoBe.

    • Stanley Goodner

      It’s not uncommon for crowdfunding teams to have some terrible habits when it comes to communication with backers. Especially when timelines slip. But I will say that I saw HealBe showing off the GoBe at CES 2015. It was only in passing – I meant to circle back but it didn’t happen – but there were people milling around and talking. We’ll have to see if the final product delivers!