Samsung launches Milk music streaming service

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I guess music streaming services are the new hot thing because Samsung just joined the ranks of Spotify, Pandora, Apple and Beats with their new music streaming service, Milk. Milk Music is available now in the Google Play store and like Spotify and Pandora, it is free to download. AND it doesn’t have ads! Thank goodness!

However, if you don’t own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you’re out of luck unfortunately. What gives, Samsung?! It’s also only available in the United States as of now. According to Daren Tsui, vice president of music for Samsung’s Media Solutions Center America, the chances of the music service going international are “very high.”

Milk is a clear followup to Samsung’s app, Music Hub, which acted as a music player. That app has just been shut down.

Although Milk does not currently allow for in-app music purchases, Tsui said it’s expected down the road. The appealing element to Milk besides the ad-free listening is that it gives users the option of listening offline. We’ve all been there: you’re about to get on the subway and your Pandora starts glitching out. All the ughs!

Milk is powered by Slacker Radio. You can listen to ready-made stations or create your own based on an artist or song (like Pandora). You can also customize your playlists based on songs that are more or less popular, songs that are newer or older, or you can include more of your “favorites.”

The name might be strange, but the service seems like a winner.

Will you be downloading Milk?

[Source: CNET]

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