comScore Report: BlackBerry surpassed by Windows Phone, Android still No. 1 mobile OS, Apple top OEM

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I am not a BlackBerry user but I am cheering for the Canadian phone manufacturer being a pioneer in the smartphone business. BlackBerry OS has recently been surpassed by Windows Phone in the US smartphone market. This is according to a report by comScore which says Windows Phone now holds 3.2 percent of the market while BlackBerry now at 3.1 percent in the Top Smartphone Platforms list. 

Windows Phone’s number went up while BlackBerry lost .5 percent. Android also went down by .5 percent. A small percent but Android is still No. 1 followed by iOS with 41.6%. Symbian remains at only .2%.

Looking at the market share of manufacturers, Apple is still number one with with 41.6 percent followed by Samsung with 26.7%. LG, Motor, and HTC followed behind with 6.9%, 6.4%, and 5.4%.

Looking at the Top 15 Properties being visited by mobile subscribers in the US, Google still leads with 89.4% share. Facebook is No. 2 following by Yahoo sites, Amazon, AOL, Microsoft, Apple, Turner Digital, Pandora, and Wikimedia Foundation Sites on the Top 10. Trailing behind are Glam Media, CBS Interactive, eBay, The Weather Company, and Gannett websites.

As for the Top 15 Apps used, Facebook leads followed by Google. Then there’s YouTube, Google Search, Pandora Radio, Apple App Suite, Gmail, Google Maps, Yahoo Stocks, Instagram, Yahoo Weather, Facebook Messenger, Apple Maps, Twitter, and The Weather Channel app.


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