Sony and Panasonic intro new optical disc standard called the Archival Disc

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If you think cloud storage is the only future for storing your precious files, think again. I’m a believer of cloud but Sony and Panasonic have recently partnered to introduce a new optical disc standard. I can still remember storing my thesis in a 1.4MB floppy disk and now a small device can hold 300GB up to 1TB per disc?

The week starts with Sony and Panasonic announcing a new standard for professional-use: the Archival Disc. It’s the next-generation optical disc that promises long-term digital storage of data. The two companies still believe that optical discs are excellent for long-term storage of digital content because most are water- and dust-resistant. The next-gen technology of optical disc is expected to launch by summer of 2015. They are aiming to expand recording capacity per disc from 500GB to 1 Terabyte. Impressive eh? I don’t doubt this will happen. I’m actually waiting for this.

Both Sony and Panasonic saw the demand for higher archival ways especially in the film industry. Cloud storage is an option but for bigger files, a physical optical drive is still needed and preferred. The two manufacturers have previously worked in the Blu-ray Disc technology so the high-capacity optical disc standard is also expected to be a success.

We’ll track the new optical disc standard’s development and update you.

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