Samsung Galaxy S5’s AT&T model receives FCC approval

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I can feel the excitement building up for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S5. We still have no idea about its pricing but T-Mobile has already received about 300k pre-registrations. We learned it’s €650 in Europe contract-free but we’d like to know how much the Android flagship phone by Samsung will cost in the US.

Aside from T-Mobile, we know AT&T will start offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 next month, April 11. We’re expecting an on-time launch and an FCC sighting somehow confirms that the new Android smartphone is almost ready. Still no mention on the pricing though but arrival is a month away. All I remember is that the price could be lower than expected and that the phone will be loaded with premium apps worth $500.

The T-Mobile version also paid a visit to the FCC grounds, together with what’s believed to be the Verizon version. So out of the 6 networks we mentioned, three are already prepping up the smartphone for FCC approval.

I wonder if the Samsung Galaxy S5 will cost less than expected. The Android phone is not yet released but we already heard of a possible Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. What do you think?

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