Deal alert: Pre-order a Sony Xperia Z2 from Vodafone UK, get free 32-inch TV

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Xperia Z2 free TVSeeing little free perks offered with gadget purchases, especially for early adopters, isn’t exactly unusual. But more often than not, manufacturers, carriers and third-party sellers try to sweeten their deals with junk. Or cheapo accessories, like headphones. Bottom line, you normally don’t get much.

The exception that proves the rule? Vodafone UK’s latest promotion, kicked off earlier today. Not only are Sony Xperia Z2 pre-orders underway via the British wireless provider, but if you hurry up, a free 32-inch HD-ready Bravia TV might be waiting down the line.

Technically, all Z2 purchases until April 9 can qualify, regardless of when you “pledge allegiance” to the 5.2-inch Android handheld. Haste is actually needed on May 8, when the registration and claiming period starts.

Hence, be sure to save the date, pay your first month’s bill as soon as possible, and then visit this website to nab your free TV set. There are only 3,000 spots available. Granted, the “prize” ain’t the world’s biggest TV, its resolution isn’t grand either, but it’s still worth around £300.

Meanwhile, the Z2 can be yours free of charge as well, as long as you commit to monthly plans worth at least £42. Oh, and remember what we told you about Sony’s bid to rain on Samsung’s parade? It looks like it’s indeed happening, as Voda promises shipping will begin on April 10, 24 hours prior to Galaxy S5’s official worldwide launch. Well played, Sony and Vodafone, well played.

Via [Vodafone UK]

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