Circumstantial evidence hints at Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo existence

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Samsung Galaxy S5Beyond fairly underwhelming hardware, an unexpected aesthetic shift (not necessarily in the right direction), and a stellar collection of sensors, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 surprised mostly by debuting alone at MWC. As in not joined by any Prime, Premium, Mini or Zoom versions, as many rumors suggested.

But GS5 Prime speculation is back on the table, circling a May ETA, and one other S5 subvariety might have been spotted as it covertly entered India for last-minute research and development.

In theory, there’s no way to be positive the SM-G800F/SM-G800A is a direct descendant of the recently unveiled Galaxy S5. Yet the latter carries multiple model numbers starting with SM-G900. Hence, the two’s connection is obvious, as is SM-G800’s placement on the Android totem pole.

Specifically, the handheld is unlikely to go after the high-end market niche. Upper mid-range, at best. So, could it be a GS5 mini? Don’t think so, as the SM-G870 fits the profile much better. A camera-centric Zoom, maybe?

It’s not out of the question, though analyzing Samsung’s latest product lineup additions, our safest bet is a Galaxy S5 Neo. You know, similar to how the Galaxy Note 3 Neo followed the standard Note 3.

If that’s the case, the SM-G800 might lower the screen size and resolution ante a little (to, say, 4.7 inches and 720p), the processing speed likewise (to Snapdragon 600), as well as reduce the on-board RAM to only a couple of gigs, and the rear camera’s megapixel count to 8.

According to Indian import data tracker Zauba however, the pricing gap between the S5 and the presumed S5 Neo is quite small, so either subtler downgrades are in store, or Samsung plans to pull another Note 3 Neo stunt and overprice the hell out of the SM-G800.

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