SXSW gets 3D printed food

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3D printed food is all the rage this year. At CES, there was 3D printed chocolate on display in the 3D printing sector, and South by Southwest is treating attendees to some 3D printed yum yums too. Yes, I did just say yum yums.


Between Mondelez International’s 3-D printing Oreo machine, and 3-D printed candy, SXSW attendees should be plenty full of 3D goodies.

3D Systems, a maker of 3-D printers, is passing out colorful candy printed via the company’s “ChefJet” printers. The 3-D printing process uses sugar, water and alcohol to create the candy which apparently tastes sugary and fruity.

This comes after 3D Systems announced a partnership with Hershey to use 3-D printing to create foods.

3D Systems plans to sell the “ChefJet” printers in the second half of the year at a price below $5,000.

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