BRAVEN rugged BRV-X speaker ready now for outdoor adventure

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Braven-LogoSometimes it’s hard to please consumers, especially when they won’t settle for less, pushing the boundaries for what more can bring. Some manufacturers likely feel the same way and up the ante with new product releases. For instance, take BRAVEN’s rugged BRV-1 speaker. This speaker is compact and delivers big sound, but it now has a much bigger brother.

BRAVEN has recently announced the availability of the BRV-X. People wanted more volume and power, and they got it. The BRV-X puts some of the best audio components inside a shell that’s designed to withstand dirt, shocks, water, and pretty much anything else you or the elements might throw at it. Heck, from the looks of it it could easily survive being thrown.

Braven BRV-XIf you want – nay, need – rugged, you got it. All of the ports and connections are safely covered by a cap on the back of the BRV-X. The BRAVEN BRV-X features Bluetooth wireless and NFC pairing as well as an audio port for older devices. The included strap allows users to attach the speaker securely to whatever is available: cooler, boat seat, handlebars, you get the idea.

The internal battery is a whopping 5200mAh, which is large enough to keep the music flowing while also charging up a gadget through the USB port. As for the music, the BRAVEN BRV-X has an omnidirectional bass radiator, so you’re sure to hear those beats you crave.

Even though the BRV-X is looks like a tank and is extremely ideal for outdoor or camping use, it’s just as good inside too. The audio mode switch lets you toggle how loud you want the speaker to get. The noise-cancelling speakerphone cuts out background noise and lets you field calls hands-free.

If all this isn’t enough, with the built-in TrueWireless technology you can get a second BRV-X unit and pair the two of them together for stereo sound. I had the chance to stop by the BRAVEN booth at CES 2014 to hear it in action, and I can attest that it’s very cool and sounds amazing that way. The BRAVEN BRV-X is available now for $229.99.

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