Vampire Proof powers gadgets without wasting a drop

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Vampire Labs LogoEnergy saving is a trend that’s growing more and more popular, especially as technology is developed to make products better. But as mobile devices have continued to grow and saturate the consumer market, so has vampire energy.

Vampire energy is the energy that’s wasted by electronics that are plugged in, even if they’re not in use. DVD players, microwaves, and cable boxes are just a few examples. But some of the biggest culprits are all our power adapters for laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Those adapter slowly drain energy all day and night too.

Vampire ProofThe impact per household may not be that big a deal. But when one looks at the big picture, all that wasted money and energy totals in the billions.

But if you’re looking for a smart way to charge your devices without contributing to your household’s vampire energy, Vampire Labs has the solution.

Vampire Proof is the first patented mobile charger that eliminates unnecessary energy loss. Once connected devices are fully charged, the Vampire Proof mobile charger disconnects from the grid.

Vampire Proof mobile adapterThis is one of those devices that makes so much sense, that we wonder why it hasn’t already been in mass production already.

The Vampire Proof mobile charger features two USB ports that deliver 5V/1A of energy, which will be able to charge most all types of mobile devices out there. The plug is internationally compatible, so it’s useful for those living or traveling overseas.

There is a green LED that stays lit while devices are charging. Once it blinks off, it and the connected devices are off the grid and no longer pulling energy. It’s that simple. Since the Vampire Proof mobile charger is compact and portable, you can carry it with you and your gear.

It’s all automatic. You can set your smartphone or tablet to charge overnight and not have to worry about some master switch or a timer or anything. Every bit helps, especially if you look at energy loss as a global issue. So check out the Vampire Proof mobile charger Kickstarter project and learn a little more about household energy loss. If the project is a huge success, maybe they’ll work on a more powerful version for phablets and tablets.

Charge your gadgets; save the world.

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