Microsoft Surface Power Covers Up For Pre-order For $199.99

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surface-power-coverLast year, Microsoft unveiled the Power Case for its Surface tablets that aims to provide more juice to the tablet compared to its default battery. At the launch event of the second-generation Surface tablets, Microsoft mentioned they’ll hit retail in early 2014, but failed to provide an exact date of launch.

If you’re waiting for the Power Case for Surface, you’ll be glad to find out that Microsoft has finally provided the shipping date for the accessory. The Power Cover comes with an extended battery, and claims to increase the battery life of the Surface tablet by 70 percent, and also works as a screen cover.

The Surface Power Cover Case weighs just 0.55lbs and is 9.75 mm thin, so you can rest assured that it’s not going to add a lot of extra weight to your Surface tablet. Additionally, the case works with Microsoft Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablets, providing them with extra juice.

If you were waiting for this accessory for your Microsoft Surface tablet, head over to the Microsoft store and pre-order the cover. It comes with an hefty price tag of $199.99 and is expected to ship by March 19th. 

Source: ZDNet

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