Android 4.4 KitKat rollout for Sony Xperia Z Ultra starts in Hong Kong

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sony-xperia-z-ultraAnd the first Sony-made Android device released with on-board Jelly Bean to get an official KitKat update is the… Xperia Z Ultra. Guess you didn’t see that coming. You know, since the Xperia Z was supposed to score a 4.4 OTA port “by mid-March”.

Then there’s the Xperia Z1, which is both younger and more popular than the gargantuan, nichey 6.4-inch Z Ultra. But hey, eccentricity is part of Sony’s charm. Besides, we’re all about equality in the Android ecosystem, so let’s stop complaining and instead embrace the upgrade.

Too bad not many Z Ultra owners can welcome it in their lives, as so far it appears to be available only in Hong Kong. When will Sony spread the chocolaty love outside Asia? There are no official timelines yet, however the update should be mere weeks away from European and North American users. Maybe days.

Launched with pre-loaded Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the Xperia Z Ultra first leaped to 4.3 and now it’s faced with its first (somewhat) major software makeover. Sure, 4.4 doesn’t bring large-scale improvements or tweaks to the table, yet a subtle UI revamp is in store, as well as multiple bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Look for Android build number 14.3.A.0.681 to make sure you’re up to date, and, if you are, I guess congratulations are in order.

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