Bad news, Samsung: analysts predict sluggish start to Galaxy S5 sales

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galaxy-s5Did Samsung Galaxy S4 sales enthused or disappointed? Depends on who you ask and how you look at things. Either way, yesteryear’s “next big thing” got off to a tremendous start, then gradually slowed down, crossing the 20 million milestone in two months, but the 40 mil in six.

All in all, sooner or later, the 5-inch smartphone should trump its predecessor and become Samsung’s all-time best-seller. At least until the Galaxy S5 gets its own chance to shatter a few records. Or will it?

Well, it didn’t get the warmest critical reception off last month’s MWC intro, and now multiple financial analysts forecast it may face an uphill battle in overtaking the GS4. Not only does the S5 lack “sweeping hardware improvements”, but Sammy needs to postpone its commercial rollout in homeland Korea due to local carriers being banned to launch new devices between now and mid-May.

How badly will that hurt Galaxy S5 sales figures? In the long run, it probably shouldn’t do much harm, as prospective buyers shall ultimately be able to score the 5.1 incher. But all things considered, pundits reckon it’s unlikely the first 20 million units are to leave Samsung storage by July.

Wait, so everyone’s talking about a modest box-office opening. Does that mean sales are expected to pick up in time? It’s not out of the question, though with Apple’s iPhone 6 looming large on the horizon, it’s implausible. You better have that Galaxy S5 Prime ready, Sam, or else you’re going down.

Via [Reuters]

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