LTE-enabled Microsoft Surface 2 ready to roll out, priced at $680 in 64 GB flavor

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Surface 2It’s been a long time coming, making the rumor rounds ever since October 2013, and at last, it appears a Surface model with 4G LTE speeds is all set to break cover. As expected, Microsoft has chosen the second-generation Windows RT-running tablet, as equipping the Pro 2 with an LTE modem wouldn’t have made much financial sense.

MS is reportedly stocking 4G variants of the Surface 2 already, possibly in anticipation of a commercial launch later this week. Worst case scenario, next week. Worst worst case scenario, towards the end of March. Surely ahead of April’s Build Developer Conference.

Unofficial scoop calls for an AT&T-friendly LTE Surface 2 packing 64 GB of on-board storage to cost $679, which sounds about right. The Wi-Fi-only flavor is $549, whereas half the memory gets you a 100 bucks discount. Hmm, what if Ma Bell and Microsoft also joined hands for a $550 32 GB Surface 2 with cellular connectivity?

It could be a killer deal, as the slate sports a superb 10.6-inch 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution display, punchy Tegra 4 CPU, 2 GB RAM, and hefty 10-hour battery. Also, Windows RT 8.1 on the software side of things, which some deem unusable, while others… not so bad. Hey, at least it comes with a free Office 2013 copy, eh?

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