12 ancient videos about blimps we can’t stop watching

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When it comes to aviation technology, perhaps nothing else has inspired the awe, wonder and novelty of the much-maligned blimp.

Many of us get a little rush when we see a blimp (or dirigible, or zeppelin, or airship) floating in the sky. Now imagine what people must have thought when they saw one hovering over their neighborhood 80 or 90 years ago. It must have totally blown minds.

These old newsreels about blimps are almost hypnotic to watch.

Did you know that “special women workers” helped inflate blimps in 1942? Someone had to do it!

One of many contemporary newsreels about the 1937 Hindenburg disaster.

Everyone has known a “gasbag with a capacity of one and a half million cubic feet,” right?

Uh oh…Uh oh…UH OH!

Plenty of blimp pr0n in this short feature enticingly called “Death in the Sky!”

Enter…”The Blimp Patrol.”

This is a good one to just stare at for an hour or so.

A blimp goes up, up and away with the help of a lot of dudes.

Twelve and a half minutes of silent blimp action. Blimperrific.

A less well-known blimp disaster: the USS Macon.

Water skiing with a blimp? Water skiing with a blimp.

A full-length dramatic movie from 1929 called “The Lost Zeppelin.”

BONUS! Here’s the unmistakably 1970s trailer for perhaps the most famous blimp-related move of all time: “Black Sunday.”

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