All New HTC One specs and features exposed: Full HD display, S801 chip and more

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All-New-HTC-One-GoldHTC is pretty much living its worst nightmare, as what was once deemed possibly the most exciting device in the company’s history holds absolutely no secret ahead of the March 25 formal intro. At this point, HTC could basically call off the All New One announcement altogether.

The endless chain of leaks, information spills and revealing photo shoots comes to a predictable climax today, thanks to GSM Arena and two fresh reports that truly leave nothing to the imagination. One details the handheld’s most (only?) groundbreaking feature, the so-called Duo Camera, plus reveals its price in Australia – AUD 840 ($760) outright, free of charge with contracts.

For the record, HTC hopes to improve focus, low-light photo quality and post-capture editing by fitting two cameras on All New One’s rear. As for the second leak today, it sets in stone the 5 incher will indeed be a 5 incher, sport Full HD display resolution, as well as quad-core power courtesy of a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 chip.

Essentially, that puts HTC One’s sequel at the same level of raw performance with Sony’s Xperia Z2 and slightly behind Samsung’s Galaxy S5. Only odds are HTC will equip the thing with 2 GB RAM, not 3, so ultimately, the Z2 could very well trump it too.

The battery battle sounds lost for HTC right off the bat, as the All New One supposedly packs a modest 2,600 mAh juicer, but at least it’s user removable this time around. Also, you get microSD support to expand the on-board 16 GB storage.

Finally, the 2014 HTC One reportedly measures 146.36 mm in height, 9.35 mm thick and tips the scales at 160 grams. That’s both taller, thicker and heavier than the GS5. Guess this recent leak fest is the least of HTC’s concerns, eh?

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