ZTE Nubia X6 intro drawing near, OIS camera and Quad HD display in the cards

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zte-nubia-x6It looks like ZTE’s pursuit of Samsung and Apple in global smartphone sales is about to enter a new stage, as the China-based OEM plans to go all out on two exquisite upcoming gadgets. One, the Grand S Ext, should primarily make waves with a splendid, avant-garde design, whereas the other, likely dubbed Nubia X6, is projected to be a performance record-breaker.

Despite technically following in the footsteps of the Nubia Z5 and Z5s, the X6 shall not resemble the two very much, which presumably is why ZTE will name their next spearhead differently. Expected out by the end of March, early April at the latest, the Nubia refresh is being heavily teased on Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent, in a bid to outshine Oppo’s brilliant Find 7 buzz-building campaign.

And we have to admit, ZTE is doing a fine job in building up the suspense, as their promotional images seem to suggest the Nubia X6 will carry a rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization (that’s how it’s done, Samsung), Dolby Stereo Speakers and high-capacity fast-charge battery.

What else? Oh yeah, ZTE is yet to confirm these tidbits, but rock-solid sources say the 6 or 6.3-inch display boasts Quad HD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), and a quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip runs the hardware show, paired with 2 or 3 GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy S5 “killer”? It’s a little early to call it that, so how about beefy Galaxy S5 rival instead? Sounds fitting, right?

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