Sony Xperia Z2 launch allegedly delayed until late April, possibly May

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Sony Xperia Z2You know how we applauded Sony for having the guts to unveil the Xperia Z2 at the same event as Samsung’s Galaxy S5, then slate its commercial launch around the “next big thing”? Well, if a fresh rumor cropping up on the Esato forum boards pans out, it may have been all for nothing.

And despite ominous forecasts, Samsung might strike gold at the box-office again, in lack of any real competition. Apparently, a mysterious supplier hitch will force Sony to hold off Z2’s actual rollout, possibly until May.

As far as we know, the Japanese plan to release the high-end 5.2-inch Android smartphone in select Asian and European markets by the end of March, then all over the world in early April. So, as you can imagine, a potential setback of a month or so may very badly hurt them. If it’s legit.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the fishy word of a “tipster” with an unproven track record that suggests the Xperia Z2 is in a serious pickle. Earlier today, the Z2 Tablet landed in Hong Kong stores all alone. Who should have chaperoned the 10-inch slate? Precisely, the Z2 handheld. When is it due in Hong Kong now? Reportedly, at some point in April.

It appears you’re still not ready to become a bona fide global mobile top dog, Sony. Too bad, the Xperia Z2 genuinely looked like a heavyweight contender… on paper.

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