Are you a gadget hoarder?

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Americans have long liked having stuff. Some love stuff so much that they become hoarders and possibly have reality TV shows invade their houses. So it should come as little surprise that, in addition to newspapers and knick-knacks and uneaten lunches and cats, many people hoard gadgets.

That’s what used electronics marketplace claims. In its recent “spring cleaning” survey of 1,000 Americans, the company says it found that 68 percent of U.S. residents suffer from “compulsive gadget hoarding.”

uSell asked the group how long they keep electronic devices they no longer use. It found 68 percent have held onto an old gadget for at least two years without using it, and 70 percent have multiple gadgets they haven’t used in three months. However, we aren’t owning the problem: the site found that only one in four Americans admit to “gadget hoarding.”

Of course, take this with a grain of salt, since the company doing the survey is in business to resell your old gadgets.

Still, I can speak from personal experience that I am hoarding gadgets. I’ve got old cell phones, cameras, MP3 players — hell, DVD recorders — that I’ve stashed in drawers and bins over the years. There’s a good chance you are holding onto a lot of old stuff too.

uSell COO Nik Raman says you can take “three simple steps to do a digital spring cleaning and declutter your life.” Not surprisingly, they all revolve around using his website, but still, they’re useful.

First, he suggests you don’t try to get rid of all your old gadgets at once. Instead, consider selling one just to get started. (Or may we suggest you also consider taking it to an electronics recycling center.)

Second, he suggests creating a “gadget fund” by selling your old gadgets and using the proceeds to buy new ones. Consume, people!!

Third, he suggests using a website (like his!) to figure out the best price you can get for each particular gadget.

So, are you a gadget hoarder?

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  • Ambrose

    Hi. My Name is Ambrose and I’m a gadget hoarder. Anyone interested in a Apple Imagewriter? If you know what that is you’ll have the same sense of nostalgia for a Mac 512K with signatures inside 😉