Unlocked 2013 HTC One price drops to $500 as All New One intro nears

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HTC OneNot impressed by the recent All New HTC One leak-a-palooza, and need more substantial proof the second-gen all-aluminum Android smartphone is right around the corner? It doesn’t get clearer than this: in a last-minute bid to move old stock before it’s too late, HTC decided to shave a cool hundred clams off the original One’s price.

The original unlocked HTC One, that is, as carrier-restricted variants have dropped like flies these past months, from $200 with contracts to $150, then $100, $50 and ultimately $0.01.

Meanwhile, the HTC One Unlocked, which is both SIM-free and hacker-friendly with an unlocked bootloader out the box, stubbornly lingered at a luxurious $600. Well, no more, as the 4.7 incher is now $499.99 straight from HTC’s US online store.

Decent deal? Not exactly, as the sequel, thoroughly detailed already and expected out sometime in April following a March 25 unveil, should probably cost around $650 outright with a larger display, punchier processor, two rear cameras instead of one, better BoomSound speakers, microSD support and user removable back cover.f

Don’t know about you, but I reckon that set of upgrades and improvements is worth a lot more than 150 bucks. Besides, there’s an (outside) chance the 2014 HTC One will start at $600. Still tempted to score the 2013 model? Fine, but at least do me the favor of waiting until March 25. Fret not, the current promotion won’t expire. It may even get sweeter in the meantime.

Via [HTC America]

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