FDA approves medical tech tiara to ease migraine frequency

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If you’ve ever suffered a migraine, or known of someone who has, then you probably understand how awful they can be. These kind of pulsing headache pains can last from hours to days, and they can be accompanied by nausea and/or extreme sensitivity to light. Medications may or may not work, but the good news is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved a tech device for preventing migraines.

Cefaly anti migraine device faceSTX-Med is the manufacturer of Cefaly, which looks like a tiara and is worn about the forehead. Something like this might have seemed a bit ridiculous before, but since Google Glass has been around, anything goes.

Cefaly is designed to stimulate the nerves right above a person’s eyes. This bit of electric current is only enough to deliver a tingling sensation. The purpose is to raise the trigger threshold for pain, thus resulting in less migraines.

Although Cefaly doesn’t affect the intensity of migraines, it has been shown to decrease the number of monthly attacks anywhere from two attacks up to 50 percent of total episodes. That’s a pretty big deal, considering it doesn’t involve any medications or prescriptions. All it takes is wearing the Cefaly tiara for 20 minutes daily.

Cefaly is available right now for purchase for $249.99. Oddly, it’s not available in the states yet, but you can visit Costo’s Canada site and order it from there.

<Source: CNN>

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