AL13 v2 aluminum case provides zero signal loss for iPhone 5

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Aluminum is a pretty awesome material to work with. It’s lightweight, strong as all get out, and looks really good when crafted right. But when it comes to smartphone accessories – cases mainly – aluminum also decreases wireless signal strength. Both the range and data speeds are affected, and aluminum can also interfere with NFC pairing too.

But if you have an iPhone 5 and want all the aluminum goodness without any of the drawbacks, you got it. The AL13 v2 is a premium quality aluminum bumper case for the iPhone 5 that has zero signal loss. Not only does it cost less than the current premium competition on the market, it requires no screws to keep it together.

AL13 v2 iPhone 5 aluminum bumper casesThe AL13 v2 features a sliding close that provides a snug fit and easy installation/removal. The inside of the case is lined with rubber, making sure that the iPhone never makes contact with the case. If you’ve ever owned a smartphone case that ended up scratching all edges and sides of your phone, then you know what I mean. This rubber also helps to absorb some shock from accidental drops or falls.

This case has a minimalist design, so owners won’t feel much added bulk while still being able to enjoy the physical aesthetics of their iPhone. The AL13 v2 covers around corners and edges, providing the best screen protection by taking the hit in place of the glass. But as a bumper case, it won’t survive any extreme stuff like drops out of windows or games like S.M.T.H.

Sleek look, no signal loss, and clever installation; what more could you ask for? Colors? The AL13 v2 comes in choice of black, silver, green, red, blue, grey, gun metal, champagne, and pink. Not only that, each pledge to the AL13 v2 Kickstarter project receives an anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint screen protector as well as a protective film for the back of the iPhone 5.

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