Apple iPad Pro allegedly ‘shelved’, 8.9-inch Google Nexus tablet in the pipeline

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ipad-proThe Post-PC era is no longer a myth and sees sales of traditional personal computers continuously shrink, however (some) tablets aren’t doing very splendidly either. Specifically, larger than 10 inchers, which were supposed to slowly but steadily blossom starting late last year.

Only Samsung is expected to barely sell one million Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 units in 2014, whereas Apple might throw in the towel early, electing to keep the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro on the sidelines. For how long? Possibly forever.

Bear in mind the story’s origins lie with Digitimes, whose “insiders” have been wrong almost as often as they’ve been right in the past, so don’t take anything for granted just yet. Then again, the purported iPad Pro always sounded like a potentially nichey product, and everybody knows Apple hates experiments and gambles.

In other news gossip, Google’s next-generation Nexus slate, the first in line to pack an Intel processor, is said to ultimately replace the old 7-inch display with an 8.9 incher. That deviates from previous hearsay and speculation, though not by much, underlining the compact, affordable tablet market is indeed overflooded.

But could 8.9 be the future sweet spot for tablet PCs? And is anything above 10 inches really dead on arrival, as Samsung and Apple’s recent woes suggest? Guess we’ll find out in July.

Via [Digitimes]

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