Google Nexus 8.9 in the works?

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Google has been successful with the Nexus line. The search giant has partnered with a few OEMs to come up with different Nexus models. This year, we were told to expect an 8-inch Nexus tablet which is rumored to come out in July a 64-bit Intel CPU inside.

Google has been launching 7-inch Nexus devices the past couple of years but a bigger 8-inch tablet is anticipated. But with the latest rumor of an 8.9-inch tablet, Android fans are being given more reasons to be excited.

Nothing has been confirmed or made official yet but DigiTimes is speculating that Google is working on an 8.9-inch size tablet. This so-called Nexus tablet could boost the ranking of larger tablets. The latter only holds 30 percent of the whole tablet industry. It’s true that compact-sized tablets are highly favored because they are practical and easier to carry. If Google’s efforts in the larger tablet yield success, then other manufacturers might think again and follow suit.

For one, there’s already Samsung with the 12.2-inch Note Pro and Tab Pro devices, both extra-large, but the Nexus 8.9-inch tablet could be a good rival.

Currently, Samsung is the only one among the big manufacturers that has actually released its extra-large, 12.2-inch Note Pro and Tab Pro devices. I wonder who will manufacture this rumored large Nexus.

< Source: DigiTimes >

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