OnePlus One smartphone almost ready, housed in an aluminum unibody

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One of the many smartphones we’re anticipating right now is the OnePlus One. Earlier in January, it was introduced as the “Perfect Smartphone“. Of course, that is one ambitious description, but the company behind it must believe in the product so much. The startup OnePlus is releasing its own smartphone with a $400 price tag.

The company is headed by former Oppo VP Pete Lau. The smartphone in question has not been spotted yet, not even a leak, but it’s for real according to OnePlus.

The Hong Kong-based OnePlus already released a list of specs so we’ll have an idea: 5.5-display, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 3100 mAh cell for longer battery life, LTE connectivity, unknown camera, and CyanogenMod OS. Build-wise, the smartphone will be housed in an aluminium unibody just like an HTC One. (And yes, this is different from the HTC One.)

Interesting specs. OnePlus seems to be bold and ambitious, willing to rival Samsung and Apple with the flagship S phone and iPhone. CEO Pete Lau is firm with the sub $400 pricing. That detail alone makes me think it can match the top two giant phone manufacturers if consumers would only look at the price and specs, and not the brand name.

I really think the OnePlus One will be a good addition to the market’s long list of smartphones. What do you think?

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