Samsung Arabia confirms KitKat update for Galaxy S3, probably by mistake

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Galaxy_s3_Android_KitkatUh-oh, it looks like at least two of Samsung’s countless regional branches got their wires crossed in regards to future Galaxy S3 software support.

On the one hand, the Polish division indicated no Android 4.4 KitKat update was headed S3’s way due to the GT-I9300 model “only” packing 1 GB RAM. On the other, the Arabic arm says the firmware is in testing and, get this, should roll out as early as “this month”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Samsung Arabia proven right as much as the next mobile tech-loving guy, but their stance is just too outlandish to deem plausible. As far as the timeline goes, mind you, because I wholeheartedly believe sooner or later the GS3 will move up to 4.4.

Bottom line, as goofy as it sounds, it’s entirely possible both announcements will prove incorrect before long. What could have caused the confusion? It’s easy to guess really. Samsung Arabia’s Facebook page admin probably misread the question he or she so promptly answered, believing he was actually grilled about S4’s KitKat bump, no doubt looming large on the horizon wherever it’s not live yet.

Case closed? Well, we’d still appreciate a short, clear briefing, preferably made by Samsung Korea or US via a different channel than Facebook, to once and for all straighten everything out. Is the GT-I9300, along with the LTE-enabled, 2 GB RAM-powered GT-I9305, due for an official Android 4.4 KitKat “promotion”? If so, when? An estimate would do.

Via [Sam Mobile]

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