MagBak provides grip, mounts iPad Air, Mini securely anywhere

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There’s quite the number of hands-free accessories available for mobile devices, most of which involve some sort of stand or clamp mechanism. In the end, you still have yet another object to keep track of and carry with you to use it elsewhere. But what if you could have a mount that was barely there?

MagBak does just that. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because they launched their product for the iPad on Kickstarter last year. When you experience great success, then you get to comeback for another round. This time, the MagBak is for all the Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini owners.

MagBak Apple iPad AirThe brilliance behind MagBak is how it has three features in such a slim profile. The pair of silicone pads adhere to opposite ends of the iPad, providing means of magnetic mounting. Since the location coincides with where Apple puts its SmartCover magnets, none of the tablet’s functionality is compromised.

Fridge? Mounted. Metal cabinet? Mounted. You can stick your MagBak-equipped iPad to practically anything a magnet would. Of course, such areas are fairly limited within the scope of all the places people prefer to use their devices, which is why the team has also created the MagStick. The MagStick stick to almost any surface with the included double-sided 3M tape, providing instant magnet mounting.

The MagBak provides additional grip while you’re carrying your iPad. The silicone exterior gives your hands something extra to attach to. It also lets you set the tablet down on smooth or inclined surfaces without it sliding down. Even though the MagBak is half a millimeter thin, it’s still enough space to keep an iPad from scuffing on surfaces.

If you have an iPad Air or Mini, then check out the MagBak Kickstarter campaign. Otherwise, you can visit the MagBak website for iPad 2, 3, and 4.

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