Improve your private cloud with Transporter’s new features

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Connected Data LogoWith all the stories of security breaches and hacked data popping up in the news, one might be concerned about the safety of their personal information on the web. Rightly so, since recovering from such incursions can be an absolute nightmare for normal people with jobs and families.

To this day, my (old) banking information, that was stolen with the rest from Target, has had four attempts towards making purchases by someone else. I still haven’t decided if these notifications we get are more scary than useful or not.

When it comes to cloud storage, we’re assured of safety, but doesn’t every company do that? While a number of us use services such as Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and so forth for things like photos or music, there are many more who store important information and documents there too. But you never know where, exactly, your data is. If that server goes down or is compromised, then what?

Connected Data TransporterThese are some of the thoughts that many people have right before they decide to go with their own private cloud, right at home. This way, users can be assured of where their data is located as well as have peace of mind that inclusion in a mass-hack is far less likely. Connected Data provides private cloud storage with no monthly fees, and has just recently added a slew of competitive features.

The most significant feature addition is likely the automatic camera upload. All the photos you take on your smartphones or tablets will transfer into the designated upload folder so you can view, edit, or move the images at a later point. Owners of the Connected Data Transporter can now selectively store and sync files and folders between all devices. This lets users have more control for easier organization and access.

The Transporters are available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options. You can also get the Transporter Sync model if you want to connect and use your own hard drive. The cost is pretty much for the hardware, since there is no monthly fee. Visit the website for more information.

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