Apple’s new iOS to possibly feature Healthbook fitness app

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Health and fitness are big these days, as companies pour more resources into developing new wearables and accompanying apps to deliver the information to users. So far, most of these have been separate products independent of, yet compatible, with different mobile devices. Apple happens to be ready and poised to integrate such healthcare and fitness tracking into newer iOS versions.

The application is currently codenamed Healthbook, and recent images and details have surfaced, providing some clues to the scope and features. Although the images are recreations of screenshots, they probably settle some arguments of rumors from earlier in the year.

Apple iOS HealthbookHealthbook appears to have all the aspects that health-conscious consumers want to monitor: fitness, weight, and nutrition. But it also goes above and beyond by collecting information about blood pressure, blood sugar, respiratory rate, and even how well you sleep. Users will be able to track and visualize progress over time with graphed data.

This centralization of health aspects is sure to be put to good use, as athletes to diabetics to people simply looking to shed a few pounds can all benefit. Some questions still go unanswered. While steps taken and calories ingested need only the smartphone and user input, blood information, hydration, and respiratory rate will require an additional device to take readings from the skin’s surface.

It’s unknown if Apple might be creating a wearable of its own or plans to be compatible with the ones currently on the market. We’ll also have to wait and see if the Healthbook app will work alone or source data from 3rd party apps.

<Source: 9to5mac>

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