3D printing is amazeballs: Helping a baby breathe, rebuilding a face, robot fish and more

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Some notable stories from around the world of 3D printing today:

* Doctors at the University of Michigan saved a baby’s life by implanting 3D-printed devices to restore his breathing. 18-month-old Garrett Peterson, who has never left the hospital, has been on a ventilator since birth. The devices have opened up Garrett’s airways. You can read more about it here or watch the video below:

* British motorcyclist Stephen Power suffered severe facial injuries in an accident. Now specialists have reconstructed his face using 3d-printed metal. Read more here or watch the video below:

* A Dutch architectural firm is 3D-printing a canal house. Visit the site or check out the video:

* We’ve heard about 3D-printed cars before, but a 3d-printed *electric* car, not so much. But the collaborative community behind Local Motors says it’ll be the first to do it. Read more here or check out Local’s latest video update below:

* Attention shoppers! Sounds like we have the first flexible plastic 3D-printed bag. Belgian bags and accessories brand Kipling has partnered with additive manufacturer Materialise to create the City Jungle Shopper. Check out the video for some eye candy:

* MIT has used 3D-printing technology to help create a “soft robot” fish. Our minds are blown:

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