iPad 2 discontinued by Apple, replaced by iPad with Retina

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Yesterday, we mentioned the 12.9-inch iPad Pro being allegedly shelved. Not yet officially announced, still an early rumor, but the upcoming tablet model has already been stopped.

We have no idea if Apple will still push through with the large-size tablet but personally, it will be an interesting product. I’m imagining a larger iPad that could replace my 11-inch MacBook Air. Or a larger iPad to place in my kitchen, to be used solely there when I’m cooking.

And it looks like it’s not the only iPad being “shelved” by Apple. The old-timer iPad 2 is now being discontinued by the Cupertino company. I think it’s about time because there’s already the iPad 3, iPad Retina, and iPad Air. Not to mention the iPad Mini.

Apple fanboys and fangirls, no need to fret. This piece of news means that Apple is moving forward and it’s time you move on too. I only have the iPad 2 and I don’t have any plans of getting a new one as it still works fine. However, I want an iPad mini. It’s bigger than my iPhone but smaller than my MacBook Air– just perfect so I could work anywhere, anytime.

Apple is discontinuing the second-generation iPad and will be replaced by the iPad with Retina display. The latter is actually the 4th generation model already and it’s down to $399, the 3G+WiFI model is more expensive at $529 though.

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