Xperia Z2 pre-orders freezed on official Sony stores, delays now inescapable

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Sony-Xperia-Z2What last week was just a timid whisper is now turning into a riotous rumble. It looks like Sony has indeed misjudged Xperia Z2’s launch timeframe in a bid to troll Samsung, being no longer in a position to accept pre-orders for SIM-free versions via any of its regional online stores.

Which doesn’t mean early adopters will need to wait until May to see their orders fulfilled. But if you haven’t committed to a Z2 yet, you’re unlikely to be able to score it in the next 45 days or so. Still, Sony’s UK branch promises the 5.1-inch waterproof Android smartphone shall go on sale, as planned, in April around those parts.

And if GB gets it then, several other European markets should expect a similar ETA. What you shouldn’t expect is enough initial stock to last more than a few days. Bottom line, a staggered release is near certain, including on UK’s leading wireless service providers.

Stateside, things are probably looking even worse, as so far no carrier has pledged to subsidize the Xperia Z2. We anticipate T-Mobile will ultimately roll it out with its “Uncarrier” plans, though a launch date is anybody’s guess.

All in all, this no doubt spells bad news for Sony in the OEM’s high-stakes battle against Samsung’s Galaxy S5. Then again, besides limited inventory, the delays might be caused by unusual demand, so don’t rest on your laurels, S5, as you’ve won a battle, but not the war.

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