Nokia Lumia 530, aka ‘Rock’, to carry on Lumia 520’s legacy

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nokia-lumia-525Let’s be frank, the only reason Nokia is still in the business of dishing out high-end gadgets with outstanding hardware and underwhelming Microsoft-backed software is the low-end Lumia 520 smartphone. Well, the success of Asha feature phones also helps, but that alone couldn’t possibly sustain the company’s financial losses in the flagship smart device sector.

Which is why we always expected Nokia to issue a Lumia 520 sequel sooner or later. And by sequel, I mean a full-on follow-up, not a rehash, like the 525, which is virtually identical to the 520, save for the augmented 1 GB RAM.

No idea exactly when Lumia 520’s successor will see daylight, but thanks to leak master @evleaks, we now know the Lumia 530 is indeed real, christened that way and known on the inside as the Rock. Wait, wouldn’t it be cooler to market the thing using its codename rather than the much blander 530 handle?

I definitely think so, but as long as there’s no Nokia Batman, Martini or Goldfinger around or expected anytime soon, it’s clearly a stretch.

Branding aside, everything about the upcoming budget-conscious handheld is a haze. On the software side of things, pre-loaded Windows Phone 8.1 seems a near certainty, whereas in the hardware department I reckon a 4.3-inch display, dual-core 1.5 GHz SoC and 1 GB RAM are the best preliminary guesstimates.

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